Automotive detailing at the highest level is
an art forum that will enhance the cosmetic
surfaces of your automobile as well as
protect and preserve them for years to
  At the age of 30 years old, Todd Helme has
been trusted to perfect and care for automobiles
more valuable then large estates. He has
traveled the world doing so. Bella Macchina is
Todd Helme, and represents his passion,
determination, and drive to offer only the finest
detailing services in the world.
  From removing the factory defects on today's
super cars to restoring the original luster and
depth of shine to yesterday's classic works of art,
Todd has earned the trust of the some of the
most avid automobile collectors and enthusiasts
in the world. The difference in gloss and clarity
has been recognized by some of the toughest
concours judges in the world; automobiles
detailed by Bella Macchina have won coveted
awards as Amelia Island, Cavallino, the
Concorso Italia, and Pebble Beach.

  While there is no replacement for Todd's
considerable experience, it is his passion that
continues to drive him. For example, he has
spent more time researching leather care then
he did studying in his first term at college. It is the
passion for offering the best in automotive
detailing that has earned Bella Macchina acclaim.
  Your automobile/s are as unique as you are.
Whether your paint's finish is marred by swirl
marks or your leather is cardboard stiff, Bella
Macchina offers a bespoke, custom tailored
approach to every automobile cared for.  

The famous artist William Dobell is quoted as
saying that,  "The Holy Grail of art is to spend
less time making it then people spend looking
at it." While it certainly takes a considerable
amount of time for Todd to prepare an
automobile to the highest standard, the
perfection and art is found in the details. With
your automobile properly preserved by Bella
Macchina's carefully selected treatments it is a
beauty that will last a life time.
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