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    Consisting of no fewer then 100 separate
steps, each perfectly tailored to your
automobile's individual needs, La Bella Firma is
perhaps the finest, most exclusive detailing
service in the world. La Bella Firma is Italian for
beautiful signature and represents the
culmination of Todd Helme's concours winning
experience, passion, and artistry.
    Each surface, including an extensive
polishing and jeweling of the paint, is brought to
100% of its potential. This exclusive detail
requires a minimum of 42 hours of Todd's time
and expertise.
    A special coating is applied to the perfectly
jeweled paint that will protect it against it against
abrasion, wear, towel marks, and UV damage.
Finally a select carnauba wax (chosen for
maximum effect per paint color) is applied for
beauty and depth.
    La Bella Firma delivers the ultimate beauty,
preservation, and protection for your cherished
automobile. La Bella Firma: The Art of Perfection
from Bella Macchina: The Art of Detailing.