* All of Bella Macchina's Bespoke detailing services are charged at a rate of $75.00 per  
   hour unless noted otherwise.
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Wash Treatments
The Bespoke Program by Bella Macchina allows is a new way of meeting the
needs so intrinsic to each automobile. Each Bella Wash uses a combination of
skill, knowledge, and gentle procedures to safely wash away grime and road
pitch with out scratching or dulling the finish.
La Bella Wash- Standard on Silver, Gold, Platinum, and La Bella Firma services and most
Bespoke treatments. Available as a stand alone treatment on clients local to Orlando, Fl.

The 'beautiful wash' uses only the highest quality ingredients, from soft imported cotton
towels to paint friend shampoos, plus Todd's considerable expertise to gently clean your
automobile's delicate surfaces. Most surface dulling is the result of imprecise and careless
washing methods that lightly sand the paint with dirt and grime. Bella Macchina has a world
renowned reputation for polishing paint to a flawless, gem-like shine, and our wash
methods where designed to preserve the finish. This is not a production style car cleaning
done in the fastest manner possible, but delicate cleansing. Wheels, tires, wheel arches,
and door shuts are detailed as well.
Estimated Time: 1-1.5 hours
Excessive Bug, Tar, and Track Debris Removal- Optional when applicable

Automobiles that have been driven frequently between treatments or have spent time carving
corners around a race circuit may be attacked by debris that can become lightly bonded to
the paint's finish . Bella Macchina uses the most gentle care methods in removing the
stained areas. Stubborn bug stains are carefully re-hydrated and removed. Tar and track
rubber debris is treated with a amino functional fluid to soften the bond.
Estimated time: < 1 hour