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The Bugatti Super Sports amazing 20 spoke wheels were finished with a two tone "diamond cut" finish and perfected by Bella Macchina.
The blue carbon fiber weave glistened underneath the reflections of the finely polished lacquer. .
The highly polished reflections and visible carbon weave made the Bugatti appear alive when walked around.
The bespoke gas lid, wheels, and engine vents were painted dark blue at the factory and polished to perfection by Bella Macchina.
The way many an insect meets their end, in glorious carbon fiber fashion....
The reflection of the sun appeared crisp with no visible swirl marks.
It simply cannot get better.
The underside of the speed controlled wing was polished and detailed as well, as it reflects the hydraulic mechanism that operates.
The highly polished lacquer,blue weave, and curvaceous body give the Bugatti an impressive color range
Chris Schlumpf, of Bugatti USA, a professional photographer as well, sent a couple pictures of the Bugatti after driving for several days.
Immediately after being detailed, I drove the car to Tampa Festival of Speed Jet Reception where it stood out like jewel. In the picture below
Chris Schlumpf and John Hill from Bugatti USA pose with their baby. John called the detail, "The most impressive detail I have seen."