The invaluable original paint on this Shelby showed 40 years of wear and aging.
Over 25 hours were invested in polishing and restoring the lacquer's original
finish. Please scroll over the picture to see the dramatic transformation!
1967 'AC' Shelby Cobra 427

The 1967 Shelby Cobra 427 represented the pinnacle in sports car
performance for nearly 30 years until the introduction of the
McClaren F1 Supercar. This particular Cobra is considered by
many to be the finest all original Shelby in the world, being the only
one to score 100% at the Shelby Nationals. It proudly retains 100%
of its original lacquer paint, although over 30 years of wear and tear
had left its mark. A piece of art this rare deserves to look its best.
Bella Macchina traveled out of the country to restore the original
shine and luster to the paint with out damaging the patina.

When refinishing an automobile of this vintage there is no room for
error. Damaging an edge or burning the paint would not only
require a respray, but also lead to a loss of value that could exceed
seven figures by ending this Cobra's reign as the number one
100% Shelby in the world!

Todd Helme uses the same surgically precise care in every
automobile he cares for and was able to refinishing this paint to
near new quality in time for this years Pebble Beach Concours De'
Elegance. The Art of Detailing.
The original paint was very hazy because of a
large amount of surface scratches and light
All of the trim including the windshield was
carefully removed to allow access to all of the
painted surfaces.
Less then .3 mils of original lacquer were
removed to restore the original shine to the paint
Scroll over the photo to see the dramatic difference
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