Featured Automobiles- Todd Helme is proud of the
automobiles he is trusted to care for, correct, perfect,
and preserve. Bella Macchina's
Featured Automobiles
showcase each car and list the processes and care
provided for each unique case. From the only 100%
original paint Shelby Cobra left in existence (whose
paint now looks factory fresh!) to  an ultra valuable
Ferrari 250 GTO; please click on each picture for a
documentary write-up, highlighting each treatment with
plenty of high quality before and after photo graphs.
1953 Siata 208S 8V- This ultra rare and valuable automobile
features the famous OttoVue (8V) Fiat engine enclosed in it's
coach built body. Bella Macchina was trusted to perform a full
paint correction and detail. See more..
Featured Paint Correction and Detail
Original Paint Restoration
McLaren's first
road car and
personal car.
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Featured Paint
Correction on this
ultra rare Italian
exotic, once
belonging to actress
Lena Turner
3 Day Featured Paint Correction
70 hour, 5 day detail consisting
over 100 hand selected steps
Three Stage Bespoke
Paint Enhancement
40 hour Platinum Detail
and Paint Enhancement.
New Automobile Prep.
The finest detailing in the world,
carried out on the rarest and most
valuable of 1911 Porche
Bespoke Paint
At 2.85 million dollars the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is the
fastest and most exclusive super car ever built. Only 30 of
these amazing Super Sports will be built, featuring 1200
horsepower and a top speed in excess of 267 mph. Todd
Helme was asked by Bugatti USA to refinish the paint on this
car to the ultra high Bugatti standard. Select the picture for the
full documentation of the world's most new automobile.
Ferrari's are almost as famous for their poor quality paint
finishes as they are for their amazing legacy and racing
pedigree. Todd Helme's Bella Macchina specializes
increasing the reflectively of the paint and for the removal of
factory defects by taking the most storied marquee and making
it perfect.
This beautiful blue Lamborghini Miura had seen better days.
The delicate factory lacquer paint was dull, scratched, and
oxidized. After thirty five hours of meticulous polishing and
refinishing this beautifully rare super car shines with better
than factory shine. Select the picture above to watch this
once worn automobile transform in to a show stopping master
piece under Todd's care.
In the late 1960s McLaren was interested in competing with
rival Ferrari on the streets as well as the track. The McLaren
M6GT is McLaren's first road car and the father to the
McLaren F1. This particular car, OBH-500H, being Bruce
McLaren's personal road car until his untimely death in 1970.
Todd Helme was choose to restore the finish on this incredibly
significant automobile. Select the picture for more.
This DeTomaso Mangusta is the only one in the world like it.
The Mangusta is famous and rare precursor to the DeTomaso
Pantera. Only ONE Mangusta was built with a spyder body, this
one. Select the picture above to watch the paint on this rare
Pebble Beach De' Elegance winner be restored to like new,
concours condition.
La Bella Firma is Bella Macchina's signature treatment,
consisting of over 100 separate steps which take full
advantage of Todd's expertise in preparing automobiles for
the World Class Concours events. This is the finest detail in the
world, requiring 70 hours and 5 days to transform this
Lamborghini Gallardo into a work of art.
The owner of this 1979 Ferrari Boxer Berlinetta 512 was
considering a respray. Instead he choose to commission Todd
Helme to restore the finish of this worn car. At the Italian
Concorso in Indianapolis this once tired Ferrari won Best
Paint, Best in Class, and People's Choice! Not bad for 30 year
old paint that was going to be resprayed! Select the picture
above to see the amazing transformation.
This 100% original paint 1967 Shelby Cobra is the only
Shelby Cobra to win 100 points at the Shelby nationals. It's
value is immeasurable because of its share originality. Todd
Helme was selected to restore the finish while maintaining the
original patina and most importantly, with out damaging the
delicate 45 year old lacquer! The only original paint 427
Cobra in the world is now one of the most reflective.
In 1953 Chevrolet built 300 Corvettes. Only a fraction
remain, and even fewer are stilled covered in original
lacquer, do to problems with the then new fiberglass body.
Todd Helme's Bella Macchina gently polished the delicate
original finish of this rare Corvette to restore gloss and preserve
the finish against further degradation.
The asymmetrical 1955 Abarth Boano Spyder is one of the
coolest cars Bella Macchina has ever polished. Select the
picture above to see the brilliant yellow paint restored to an
amazing glow that would have made Carlo Abarth proud.
The only Ferrari to wear Enzo's name... The Ferrari Enzo is a
Ferrari super car of the highest standard. Carbon fiber
construction, a huge mid mounted V12, and F1 technology
make those few individuals who have piloted such an
automobile scream "Bravo! Bellissamo!" After 60 hours of
polishing the paint to a jewel like shine they also scream "Che
Bella Macchina!"
The 1973 Porsche Carrera RS 'Light Weight' is considered the
"holy grail" of Porsche's famous 911 series. It's combination of
raw power, super light weight, and a race inspired suspension
allow it to keep up with today's hottest cars despite being
nearly 40 years old. Select the picture above to view this rare
and valuable 911 receive the world's most exclusive detailing
treatment: La Bella Firma by Bella Macchina
The 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO is among the most valuable and
most desirable automobiles in the world. Some have
reportedly traded hands for excess of $25,000,000.00! Only 36
of these iconic automobiles by the most iconic automobile
manufacturer where ever built and only one particularly rare
version has Bella Macchina's show famous shine.
Beyond rare and beyond stunning we bathed in liquid black
paint polished to Bella Macchina perfection, the
Ghia 8V
remains a favorite of Todd Helme. This particular
automobile is the culmination of the dreams of its current
owner. This black on red beauty once belongs to 1950's
Hollywood Starlet Lena Turner, but unless she was behind the
wheel cruising
Wilshire, we doubt it has ever looked so good.
Sadly, like most brand new Ferraris, this beautiful black Ferrari
430 Scuderia was littered with numerous scratches and
manufacturing defects in the paint. (Sanding marks and runs).
The owner requested that this car, polished in 2009, was
perfected before he ever took it for a drive. Forty hours of
polishing and paint enhancement later, Ferrari's most race
focused road car shone like the best finished show car.
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