The leveling of the driver’s side was carried out in similar
fashion to the passenger’s side, including the unique treatment
to blend in the minimal texture at the bottom of the door.
Each rear vent on the 458 was extremely difficult to sand and cut as its unique shape was a challenge when
restoring gloss. Each rear vent required as much time to sculpt  as the reminder of the side panels.
The roof, rear pillars, and engine cover were all that remained
in the quest for level paint. Each section (19 thru 25) was finished
individually using the procedures outlined on the previous pages.
Very little leveling work remained at the dawn of day four.

By noon the entire Ferrari had been leveled and cut. The 458  was
carefully washed to remove all abrasive dust and residue. For the
time the completed leveled Ferrari was visible allowing for the full
inspection of the paint’s surfaces as a whole. The new perspective
highlighted a few areas that were subsequently re-leveled.
The 458’s rear pillars are artfully
sculpted, and form the leading
edges of the intake vents that
feed cool air to the hungry V8.
Their small surface area,
numerous edges, and the
adjacent fenders made these
tiny panels a challenge to work
on. Their location, however,
gives these diminutive panels
major visual impact. They are
directly in the line of sight
making it necessary to spend an
inordinate amount of time
refining them.
Page 5) Restoring the Gloss
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