Todd Helme has perhaps as much experience as any paint expert in refinishing and restoring the original paint
finish on invaluable automobiles; when experience counts and the room for error is zero. When this Lamborghini
Miura was hand crafted in the sleepy Italian village of Sant'Agata Bolognese in 1967, build quality, and specifically
paint quality was not of the highest concern. Measurements of the original lacquer’s thickness confirmed paint
thickness readings that varied widely in range, from 2.7 mils (.0002 inches) to 14.4 mils (.0014 inches) thick,
normal for hand built cars of this vintage.

In 1966 Lamborghini stunned the world with the introduction of the world’s first super car: The Miura. With a
radical mid-mounted 3.9LV12 and a top speed of nearly 180 miles per hour the Miura shamed other cars of the
era. Perhaps more stunning than the engine location was the body. Penned by famous Bertone car designer
Marcello Gandini, the Miura is stunning from every angle, and still looks exotic when parked next to days million
dollar super cars. Sadly the paint and finish on this rare, exotic, and excitingly original super car had faded. The
vibrant blue hue had dulled with age and wear, and like many Miura’s before, the idea of re-spraying the finish
was being considered.
The 43 year old original lacquer finish was showing
some wear. The once brilliant hue was dulled by
scratches and oxidation. Lacquer dries out as it ages,
increasing the risk of rejuvenating the finish
dramatically. In combination with the fact that
Lamborghini’s of this vintage had notoriously poor paint
from the factory required that Todd Helme use all of his
experience to restore the factor shine and safely
remove 43 years of blemishes. The pictures in this
section show the condition of the paint
and it’s shine after carefully being cleaned for 9 hours.
Before restoration of the Lamborghini’s paint could commence, the entire automobile had to be carefully cleaned.
Miura’s are famous for rusting, so advanced polymer rinseless wash was carefully used to remove almost 10 years
of dirt and grime with out fear of water logging. Todd then gently removed years and years of contamination by
using a non-abrasive detailer’s clay. Finally all of the badging and trim was removed.
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