After cleaning and decontaminating the paint, Todd carefully masked off any sharp corners or remaining trim that could be damaged during the
restoration process.
Todd chose various pad, polishes, and machines in order to restore the rare lacquer finish. The goal was not only to restore to the paint finish, but
to take extra precaution to avoid any unnecessary thinning of the paint. In the photograph above Todd uses an aggressive wool pad in combination
with a fine polish to eliminate deeper scratches.

After the initial leveling step the paint is leveled and the majority of the deeper surface scratches are eliminated. The paint still has a slight hazy
appearance that may not look better to the untrained eye...  "Now it's a perfect canvas to paint on," Todd said. Various polishes and finer pads
combined with patience and an exacting eye for detail as vibrant finish emerged.
With a score of paint covered pads of different shapes and aggressiveness across the window, Todd applied the final polishing step to jewel the
once dull lacquer to an amazingly high shine. Roughly 35 hours of Todd's time had been invested tot his point. An additional 4 hours was spent
hand polishing the paint in hard to reach areas such as the 'eye lash' window vents and rear buttress.
The 43 year old lacquer reflects stunning clarity in this photograph. The Lamborghini looks several shaper deeper, wetter, and more reflective. The
paint now had a freshly applied appearance, despite some well deserved patina (such as minor lacquer checking) in some areas.
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