Studied with determination. Tempered by experience. Perfected
by the passionate pursuit of perfection. Todd Helme's Bella
Macchina provides the highest quality mobile detailing services
in the world. Each service is carefully selected to care for the
condition of your automobile and your exceed expectations. We
call this our Bespoke Program. It gives Bella Macchina unlimited
flexibility to tailor our treatments to your automobile: Whether it
be the ultimate protection for daily driven automobiles, the
ultimate shine for an occasionally enjoyed toy, or perfection on
the lawns of the most discriminate concours auto show.
As a convenience for our clients we also offer four detailing
packages, including our flagship:
La Bella Firma, the most
exclusive detail in the world. Each package offers varying levels
of care can me tailored with our Bespoke Program.
Silver by Bella Macchina
Our entry level package, Silver by Bella Macchina is perfect as a periodic
touch up for more extensively detailed automobiles or as a one off
treatment to experience the Bella Macchina treatment.
  • Bug, tar, door shuts, and wheel compartments are treated with a
    custom, paint friendly solution
  • Wheels, tires, and under trays are cleaned with a special organic
    polymer cleanser
  • Paint and exterior surfaces are gently washed with pH neutral soap
  • Environmental fallout, tree sap, and dirt stains are cleaned and the
    paint is rubbed smooth with Detailer's clay
  • Rubber, plastic, and vinyl trim is cleaned and protected
  • Weather seals are gently cleaned and softened with conditioner
  • All interior surfaces are meticulously cleaned and treated with selected
    UV inhibiting water based dressings
  • Carpeting and upholstery are brushed and vacuumed thoroughly
  • Leather surfaces are lightly cleaned and conditioned
  • Windows are cleaned, including engine portals
  • Any metal is cleaned and sealed with a protective polish
  • The motor bay is lightly cleaned
  • The paint is chemically cleaned with a pre-wax cleansing lotion
  • The paint is protected with a select polymer sealant or natural
    carnauba wax
Estimated Time: 3-5 hours
Cost: $225.00  for most automobiles
$300.00  for luxury sedans
$375.00 for SUVs and trucks
Gold by Bella Macchina
Gold by Bella Macchina is a more intensive treatment for automobiles that
no longer have the factory fresh shine. A light, extremely gentle resurfacing
of the paint enhances the gloss and restores the factory finish.
  • Same treatment as listed in Silver above
  • Paint work is carefully inspected and measured for uniformity
  • Paint is lightly jeweled to remove towel marks and restore shine
  • Exterior metal is polished to restore shine and remove fall-out
  • All jambs and shuts are treated to a high quality polymer sealant
Estimated Time: 5-8 hours
Cost: $375.00 for most automobiles
$475.00 for luxury sedans
$575.00 for SUVs and trucks
Platinum by Bella Macchina
Bring Bella Macchina's world famous show car winning shine to the fine
piece of art in your garage. Platinum by Bella Macchina was born on the
concours lawns and tailored for automobiles that are admired as
frequently as they are driven on the open road!
  • Same treatment as listed in Silver and Gold above
  • Interior is detailed concours specification
  • Carpets and pile are shampooed and extracted
  • Leatherique two stage leather cleansing treatment to all hides
  • Glass is machine polished and sealed with hydrophobic protection
  • The engine bay is completely and thoroughly detailed
  • Wheels, brake calipers, and visible suspension components are
    sealed with a heat resistant synthetic polymer sealant
  • Deeper marring, swirl marks, and most visible damage are
    permanately removed and the paint's gloss is dramatically increased
    with a multiple step polishing process
Estimated Time: 10-14 hours
Estimated Cost: $750.00 to $1050 depending on automobile    
             size and condition
La Bella Firma is Italian for 'The Beautiful Signature',
representing our namesake, Bella Macchina. This is the most
exclusive detailing treatment in the world, consisting of over
100 Bespoke steps and taking
4 to 7 days to complete.
Starting at $2250.00 and
priced upon application
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Each automobile is as unique as you are and no predetermined package can
ensure that all of your automobile's needs are adequately met. From a simple
wash, to intensive track debris and tar removal, to the most specific concours
auto show, all of Bella Macchina's services are selected and performed by
Todd Helme
Individual Treatments for Unique Automobiles
Detailing Packages
The Bella Wash is the most paint
friendly and comprehensive auto
wash in the world. Bespoke options
include excessive tar, bug, and track
rubber debris.
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Base Detailing services protect
and preserve the paint, rubber, and
trim pieces of your automobiles
exterior. Bespoke options include
various treatments and
decontamination options.
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Paint Enhancement refinishes the
paint's surfaces to improve gloss and
clarity and create a swirl free finish.
Bespoke options included varying
degrees of polishing and wet sanding.
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Interior Treatments range from
varying degrees of leather care to
polishing and sealing trim and metal
work, designed to enhance the
driver's experience and protect
against aging.
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Metal and Brightwork Polishing
increase the luster of fine metals and
protects them against degradation.
Bespoke options range from cleaning
to full resurfacing and restoration.

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Motor Bay Detailing safely cleans
and protects your automobile's soul.
Bespoke options range from a light
wipe down to full on concours level
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Wheel and Component Care
ensure that your automobile is always
looking its best. Bespoke options
include various sealants, as well as
wheel removal and wheel cleaning.
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All packages are based on a rate of 75.00 US per labor hour but
priced by package. La Bella Firma, Bella Macchina's flag ship
package, as well as most bespoke program treatments are also billed
at 75.00 US an hour unless stated otherwise.