Bella Macchina's Bespoke Wheel Treatments allow us to custom tailor our exact
services to your wheel's needs. From polished aluminum spokes to the latest three
piece 'Supraleggera' forged wheels, from show cars to track cars, each automobile
places different demands on your wheel. Bella Macchina uses only the highest quality
solutions and products for your wheels care.
Standard Wheel Detailing- Standard on with any Bella Wash or Exterior Inclusive

Every car we clean receives wheel detailing. An extremely mild organic polymer
solution is used to release brake dust and contamination. A citrus based cleaner is
applied to remove any stubborn tar or rubber track debris. The face of the wheels, the
barrels behind the spokes, the brake calipers, and wheel compartments are detailed.
Wheel Sealant- Standard on Platinum Inclusive Detailing Package and available
as an additional treatment on Silver and Gold Inclusive Detailing Packages.

The most requested Bespoke Service offered, a high quality polymer sealant is
applied to the wheel, brake caliper and visible suspension components. Different
sealants are used to accommodate the various wheel materials. The sealant will
help protect the wheel from corrosive break dust and make future wheel cleaning
much easier.
Estimated Time: < .5 hour
Wheel Removal and Detail- Standard on La Bella Firma Inclusive Detailing
Package and available as a stand alone treatment for cherished automobiles when

The wheels and tires are dismounted from the automobile to all full access to the
wheel compartment, suspension, and back side of the wheel and tire. All areas are
cleaned then dressed or sealed approperiately.
Estimated Time: 1-2 hours
Wheel Coating- Only available with Wheel Removal and Detail treatment on
painted wheels.

A proprietary clear coat coating is applied to the wheels inside and out. This coating
will provide an additional 20 or so microns of film thickness. Unlike traditional waxes
and sealants this coating will not wear away and provides superior heat resistance
and protection.
Cost: $125.00 US
Wheel Polishing- Standard on La Bella Firma Inclusive Detailing Package if
applicable or available as a stand alone treatment.

Alloy wheels and magnesium wheels will fade over time, losing their original luster
and brilliance. Machine polishing the metal can remove or reduce heavy staining,
swirl marks, and oxidation, restoring that show car shine.
Estimated Time: 1-3 hours
* All of Bella Macchina's Bespoke detailing services are charged at a rate of $75.00 per  
   hour unless noted otherwise.
** Leatherique is charged by the amount of leather in the interior, plus labor wage time.  
     Multiple applications are offered at discount if necessary for your interior.
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