The motor of your automobile is it's heart and soul. Its appearance rivals the intracite
design of the exterior it is sheathed in. From a wipe down with gentlest non-alkaline
solutions to a full concours show level preparation including the polishing of fine metals
and composite trim Bella Macchina's Bespoke Engine Treatments ensures your spirit is
in tune with her soul.
Light Motorbay Clean-Up- Standard on Silver and Gold Inclusive Detailing

The motor bay is wiped down with a mild rinseless wash, removing light dust and
mild sludge. Rubber and plastic components such as hoses and wires are treated
with a silicone free dressing for protection and conditioning. This is a standard service
that is completely safe for motors of all vintage.
Aficionado Motorbay Detail- Standard on Platinum Inclusive Detailing Package
and available as a stand alone treatment.

As the name implies, this detail is for the owner who appreciates their automobile's
soul. The motor and surroundings are degreased with an environmentally friend
citrus based cleaner, then washed with a rinseless solution. All of the trim, including
under the engine cover/bonnet is cleaned and treated. All painted trim and composite
trim pieces are hand polished and waxed. Various water based protects with varying
levels of sheen are applied for maximum effect.
Estimated Time: 1 to 2 hours.*
Special Requests-

Whether you want the swirl marks polished out of Lexan engine covers or cleaning  
heavily soilied Weber Carburetors , Todd Helme's experience in preparing all types
of automobiles makes Bella Macchina the perfect choice. If you have specific
cosmetic concerns in your motorbay please contact Todd and discuss them directly.  
Concours Motorbay Detail- Standard on La Bella Firma Inclusive Detailing
Package and available as a stand alone treatment for cherished automobiles.

This is a competition concours detailing of your motor and surroundings with Todd's
expertise. All surfaces: painted, carbon fiber, powdercoated, composites, and
rubbers are degreased, cleaned, and treated appropriately. All metals are finished to
factory specification. Special care is taken to restore the factory appearance and
preserve it while leaving the motor surgically clean.
Estimated Time: 2 to 10+ hours.*
* All of Bella Macchina's Bespoke detailing services are charged at a rate of $75.00 per  
   hour unless noted otherwise.
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