The Bespoke Program by Bella Macchina is a new way of meeting the needs of each
automobile fully. Our Bespoke Interior Packages and Treatments are each designed to
care for and preserve the often delicate interior surfaces found in speciality
automobiles. From restoring suppleness to cardboard stiff leather to polishing the latest
carbon fiber door panel, Todd Helme uses only the highest quality products and
practiced levels of care.
Detailed Interior Package- Standard on Silver and Gold Inclusive Detailing
Packages and available as a stand alone treatment.

Our entry level interior detail starts with a thorough cleaning and vacuuming of all
interior surfaces, using special non linting brush to remove dust and tightest crevices.
All surface materials, from leather to vinyl are treated with a cleansing protectant to
preserve against wear and UV damage. All glass, including shade mirrors are
cleaned streak-free. Floor mats are removed, brushed, vacuumed and dressed.
Estimated time: 1 hour for most automobiles.*
Concours Interior Package- Standard on Platinum and La Bella Firma Inclusive
Detailing Packages and available as a stand alone treatment.

Every square inch of your interior is painstakingly cleaned with the perfectly selected
cleaners that release years of unwanted dirt, then treated with specific protectants to
preserve them. The leather hides are tested for type (aniline, pigmented, protected)
and treated with the highest quality cleaners and conditioners. Areas, such as under
the dash board and seat rails are treated with same care as the rest of the detail.
Perfect for the toughest judges and preserved to survive the toughest use.
Estimated Time: 2 to 6 hours.*
Interior Detailing Packages
Additional and Stand Alone Treatments
Leatherique Leather Treatment- Standard on La Bella Firma, available with
other packages or as a stand alone treatment for cherished interiors.

Body oils and pollutants absorb into your leather and attack it from the inside out.
Leatherique Leather Treatment begins with a conditioning oil that absorbs in the
hide over the course of several hours, feeding it with essential oils and displacing
any harmful impurities from the hide. The resulting film floats to the surface, where a
special protective cleansing lotion is used to clean and preserve the surface.
Recommended yearly for most new leathers; more frequently for worn or aniline
leather hides. Leather that has become cardboard stiff may require multiple
applications to full soften the leather hides.
Cost: $75.00 for two seats  $125.00 for four seats  $155.00 for full leather interiors**
Carpet Stain Removal and Shampoo-
Difficult stains can be reduced or removed and soiled carpets made clean again.
Estimated Time: .5 to 1.5 hours.*
Interior Trim Machine Polishing- Available upon request.

From Carbon Fiber to the finest lacquered wood paneling, the vast automotive surfaces
of your interior require the same care and dedication to look their best. Machine
polishing panels reduces swirl marks and increase shine. The ultimate finishing touch.
Estimated Time: .5 to 2 hours.
* All of Bella Macchina's Bespoke detailing services are charged at a rate of $75.00 per  
   hour unless noted otherwise.
** Leatherique is charged by the amount of leather in the interior, plus labor wage time.  
     Multiple applications are offered at discount if necessary for your interior.
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