Paint Enhancement is the art of removing defects and flaws from the paint's
finish then increasing the paint's reflectivity and gloss by making it
microscopically as smooth as a mirror. This is accomplished by carefully
re-leveling the paint using high powered machines, select polishing liquids, and
precise technique. No treatment can make as dramatic of an impact in
appearance and no skill is more demanding when done correctly. Todd Helme is
trusted to work on the finest, most valuable automobile's in the world, where
results count and mistakes are simply not an option. Bella Macchina's Bespoke
Paint Enhancement combines Todd Helme's unmeasurable experience and
passion to transform your automobile into a masterpiece.
One Stage Paint Enhancement- Standard on Gold Inclusive Detailing Package
and available as stand alone treatment.

A one stage paint enhancement is perfect for automobiles in slightly weathered paint or
from automobile's that have lost a little of their original luster. This is an extremely
gentle treatment using a selected polish for maximum effect.
Estimated time: 3-4 hours including prep time for most small automobiles.
Two Stage Paint Enhancement- Standard on Platinum Inclusive Detailing Package
and available as a stand alone treatment.

A two stage paint enhancement will remove most swirl marks and light surface
damage from the paint while maintaining maximum paint thickness. A select
compound is used to remove damage and followed with an ultra fine polish to jewel the
paint to an unbelievable mirror like shine.
Estimated time: 5-6 hours including prep time for most small automobiles.
Custom Tailored Paint Enhancement- Standard on La Bella Firma Inclusive
Detailing Package and available as a stand alone treatment.

The paint used on automobiles varies greatly from marque to marque, from generation
to generation, and from model to model. Each requires a special, specific approach
and precise techniques to achieve the maximum potential of the finish. Some
automobile's have very hard, high solid paints or very deep damage that can require
long hours or days to finish correctly. Paint that is particularly weathered and aged
requires more time to care for properly. Deep scratches, acid rain damage, or bird
bomb staining may require sanding with a micro fine abrasive prior to polishing.
Whether in preparation for battle in the world's toughest car shows or for enjoyment in
your garage, Todd Helme's Bella Macchina has the experience to take your automobile
to it's highest potential or whatever standard you desire. Contact for more information.
Estimated time: 6 to 50+ hours.
Paint Enhancement
Paint Enhancement Examples. Scroll over the picture below to see the difference or select the photo for a full sized picture.
Many more examples are available for viewing in the Interactive Gallery
2008 Bentley Azure
1975 Lamborghini LP-400 Original Lacquer
2009 Ferrari 430 Scuderia in factory delivered
condition, 0 driven miles
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